28 June, 2016

Just wanted to post one more time before I have to change to .....in my forties.....Can't believe I still have this blog up. Interesting to read what I was up to 8 years ago. My how things have changed. In with the new and out with the old.

01 January, 2010

WOW! 2010!!

...so its been awhile
...Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year!

(Hi Madrinha! Hi Uncle Wayne! Diane! Mom, Dad?)..I think you are the only ones that check this on occasion.

I got a new camera for Christmas. The photos from Christmas Eve are still in my old camera but here are some from Christmas and also our new puppy. We brought him home on New Years Eve.

Here is Duke

Here is Cole

Christmas Eve

04 August, 2009

Thank you Madrinha

I just got your voice mail message. ( a bit late)

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too!!

I love this picture of Uncle Wayne...and Madrinha looks good-as usual.
(I've got several pictures with this hand gesture!) :-)

02 August, 2009

More pictures

It's my Birthday. I can't believe how time flies.
Thank you to everyone who remembered. You're all very sweet and I love you all!

Por Vavo e Vavo:

Here's more...the new deck and seats that John and Nick built

...and the mess Justin and Tommy are doing. :-)

Here are some pictures!

Mommy, daddy....Here you go

14 July, 2009

OMG! I'm home alone!

I have so much to do and I have the whole place to myself.

I should be cleaning or painting or getting the clutter *hidden* for the party we're having here this weekend.

Instead, I'm here and I feel guilty.

I do have some pics to post...Since Alot has happened. For example,

Mommy and daddy are gone until October :-(

Lindy and squidge are gone till 2010?!

Matt and Mariel should be arriving @ Logan tonight. :-)

I got big J to go to the 4th of July cookout @ my Madrinhas' house. I guess I can thank Uncle Wayne. He says he can "relate" to him. Whoo boy! (I'm rolling my eyes)


To start, here come the pics from our trip to New York:

A fuzzy view of the skyline

This one is for Lindy....why did you want me to snap this one??

This one is also for Lindy...

Eating great lunch...on NYC sidewalk. Gross, What were we thinking?

Here was the reason for the near fatal collision on the highway coming home! :)

Here is some random pics from Squidges birthday party: (excuse the dates....I can't figure out how to remove the date stamp)

Here is my only pic of Mary w/ her baby bump

So cute:

This one is for Wally: